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I have never been so at ease as I am now when it is about the development of my baby. I know Marli and I know that besides being a wonderful professional she is also a great MOM. Nothing satisfies me more than having my baby well-fed, clean, stimulated and, most of all, happy. I recommend Amor Coruja to all moms that look for the best for their children.

Ana Carolina


The employees at Amor Coruja provide  genuine love and care towards the children. They dedicate their lives to educate them as if they were their own children! I can absolutely feel that my son is happy for being part of Amor Coruja! I am really thankful for having joined this great family. My new-born daughter will also be there soon! I am sure that my children are provided with good meals, safety, care, education and love. Thank you, Amor Coruja! I absolutely recommend it!

PrieMarco Santiago


This is the best daycare and kindergarten institution in Montes Claros!!! It has a great structure, qualified professionals, and above it all, the owners, Wesley and Marli are wonderful, competent, compassionate and very trustworthy!!! This is the perfect place where to leave our most precious treasure!! Our babies… Congratulations Wesley and Marli!!! Wish you success, you deserve it!!!


Elissa Antunes


A special place where you can leave your child and be able to work without worries. Marcela loves to go to Amor Coruja…



Although it has not been a long time yet, I already feel that I can trust everyone there. They are really lovely towards the children and parents. Aunt Marli is a really sweet person!

Gisele Caldeira


My peaceful day-by-day! The second family of my triple twins, I calmly go to work after leaving my children with this wonderful team!



Do you need to work but have a baby at home? This paradise is the solution for our problems… This is a place where the team is trustworthy, lovely and sweet! Beyond love, they also offer a differentiated educational approach. Lucca loves Amor Coruja! I always recommend and trust it. I am really thankful to the whole team. You are part of our family!!! Thank you!!!


Camilla Sizilio Costa


Capable and warm-hearted professionals. Amor Coruja is an extension of my home and it is where my princess stays. They became our friends. Love it!

Viviane Azevedo Figueiredo


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