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Daycare and Kindergarten


Daycare 0 – 2 years-old

Playing games is the most commonly used means of expressing oneself during the period of childhood, thus the importance of providing the children with activities that stimulate the development of their speaking, cognitive, affective, social and motor skills. Amor Coruja offers an ideal structure composed of toys and different types of rooms that were prepared to stimulate the physical and intellectual development of the children.

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Kindergarten 2 – 5 years old

Children with 2 – 5 years of age explore the world around them with their bodies. They are in a phase of fast-development. The activities need to be flexible, oriented and directed in a way that the age-specific didactic material is used. The mobility space needs to be larger and the use of solid material should be constant.

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Amor Coruja offers you


Full period


We take care of your child during your whole working-day.



Family environment


Your child is surrounded with so much love and kindness that it feels like home to him!


Excellent infrastructure


Well-defined and organized environments according to each type of activity.


Daily report


You are informed about all details related to meals and activities.





Observe your child online at any time from anywhere.


Well-trained professionals


Phonoaudiologist, psychologist, psycho-educator and nurse assistant.



English classes


Eliminate the need to have to take your child somewhere else to learn English.


Separated groups


Each group receives care and attention related to their age group.


Music classes


We help your child to develop his talents in the instrumental area.


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