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Answers to your questions

Is Amor Coruja open during the weekends?

No. We are open from Monday to Friday.

What is the minimum age for a baby to start attending the Amor Coruja?

From 04 months of age to 5 years and 11 months old.

How many meals do they get per day?

04 meals are served collectively.


What items should I provide for my child?

Diapers, wetwipes, milk (in case your child drinks it) and shampoo. Every Monday we need you to bring a towel and a sheet that are always given back on Fridays.


What documents do I need to take to enroll my child?

Photocopies of: Birth Certificate, vaccination records, parents’ personal documents and a proof of residency.

Can I enroll my child for just a half-day stay? In this case, at what times should I take and bring him back?

The children can attend the daycare during any period of time that is required by the parents. The times for entering and leaving can be negotiated between 6:50 am and 6:30 pm, on Fridays we stay until 5:00 pm.


What are the payment methods?

Bill of exchange and check.

Does Amor Coruja offer transportation for the children?


What activities are offered?

Sunbathing, stimulation room, music classes, art classes, storytelling, videos, literature, English classes among others.

How many caretakers per group?

In each group of children of up to 2 years of age, there are 02 caretakers: the professional educator and an assistant. For the two groups of children older than 3 years-old we have the professional educator and one assistant for both.

How many children per group?

Between 10 and 14 children. Depends on the group.

What is the monthly fee?

The values are negotiated privately, at the school.

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