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How our daycare started

In times when people did not consider having their child spend the day away from home, the envisioner of Amor Coruja created her first project for a multinational company whose employees could leave their children in a place where they would be taken care of by well-qualified people that were prepared to work on the development of their children. The idea came out of her own necessity as a working mother of small children who very often was unable to find someone (neither well-qualified or under-qualified) to leave her children with. Nannies would not show up as agreed, would not justify their absence and in the end their lack of commitment would affect her performance at the workplace. Motivated by the difficulties to find a caretaker and by her passion towards children Amor Coruja was then founded. Her dream came true in a place where she could now take care, protect, educate and love the children. This is a school where the child receives not only attention and love but also a complete education. The child starts attending in the period of time when he still lack the amount of balance needed to sit down by himself and leaves the place ready to face the challenges of elementary school. Amor Coruja, thus was planned and created to attend the most demanding parents. With varied leisure rooms, the school is located in a privileged area of Montes Claros. Our School was planned to attend all expectations of demanding families that believe in educating with Love and in a Partnership between school and family.

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